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Vacation in Jamaica — Heading Home

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise on our final day in Jamaica and I got to enjoy it by walking down the beach with Andrew in the Stroller. Again. It was actually very nice, although short-lived since we had to board the bus for the airport at 10:00 AM. We just had time to pack up, have breakfast, and go for a quick swim before getting on the bus. We were all very sad to go... The trip home was a bit of a circus due to a baggage handler strike at the airport in Montego Bay which delayed our flight home. Sadly that meant … Continue Reading ››

Camping at Waterton – Day 1

We went camping at Waterton Lakes National Park for the Canada Day long weekend. We had never been there before but we went with Rich and Patti (and Keiran and Brenna) who had, and so we had some help figuring out where to go. They suggested a very nice campground and they had a list of kid friendly hikes that we could all do. Although the park is in the Rockies, the terrain is surprisingly different than we see in the Mountain Parks closer to Calgary. The wildflowers were in full bloom for our visit and so it was a great time of year to be there! The one … Continue Reading ››