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Boys Camping Weekend in Banff

Boys weekend. The girls went to Guide camp in Banff so Andrew and I were on our own. It was the first time that we've gone camping with just the two of us, and it was Pepper's first camping trip too. We actually ended up in the same campground as the girls, but Andrew didn't know it and we never saw them. There are really very few choices in the mountain parks for campgrounds that are open so early in the year. It was fine though and we treated it as a tourist weekend.We saw the sunset at Vermillion lakes on Friday night and then had an epic day on … Continue Reading ››

Yellowstone Vacation — Junior Ranger

This post is not as long as the other ones about our trip to Yellowstone, but it is longer than most. Feel free to jump straight to the bottom to see the photos. But don’t forget to come back later to read the story!On our third full day in Yellowstone we again decided to get up early and hit the highway instead of cooking breakfast. We went back to the gas station to buy breakfast and then headed back down the road to Hayden Valley. The scenic landscape in the valley had been so beautiful the day before, and it was so exciting to see the … Continue Reading ››

Yellowstone Vacation — Hayden Valley Bison

We were so impressed and excited about seeing all the Bison in Hayden Valley that we decided to go back again for a second day. The lighting and the fog weren't quite as impressive, but it was still pretty amazing to see all those animals in such close proximity to each other.It was a bit of an afterthought, but Louise pulled out her video camera just as we were driving away...

Camping at Two-Jack in Banff

Here are a few more pictures from our trip to Banff... I've actually already posted a bunch of other pictures from this trip over at my other site, so you might be interested to check them out too.We recently camped in Banff national park at the Two-Jack main campsite. Banff is an amazingly beautiful place and we are very lucky to have it so close to us. We really try to take advantage of that as often as we can, but it never feels like we get there enough. Two-Jack Lake is our preferred campsite, but … Continue Reading ››

Monkeying around at the Calgary Zoo

I've showed many pictures in the past of our trips to the zoo. I actually have a great many more pictures than I've actually shown here because we go so often, but I don't post images from every trip because they often tend to look alike. But now that Andrew is growing up, it's starting to be a different adventure every time we go. Here are a few from the weekend near the Spider Monkey exhibit. Melanie started to hang on the railing like a monkey and Andrew had to get in on it too!