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Late Summer Vacation

We were fortunate to be able to take a summer vacation in late August this year and we took the opportunity to take a drive through Western Canada to see my sister Heidi and her family in 100 Mile House, BC. Yes, it's actually called that, and it was named because it was located 100 Miles from Lillooet, BC, which was Mile 0 of the Cariboo Wagon Road.  That's even funnier since Lillooet is at least 100 Miles from Nowhere!!! It was a pretty relaxing trip and Melanie and Andrew got to hang out with their cousin Hannah and her brand new baby … Continue Reading ››

Flashback to May – Weekend in the Mountains

We went for a family weekend in Lake Louise and kicked it off by having a picnic lunch and going hiking in Banff on the way. We had lunch at the end of the parkway at Vermillion Lake with a nice view of Mt. Rundle in the background and a posse of Columbian Ground Squirrels nearby, and then we went for a short hike up Silvertip Creek to Silverton Falls.  This trail is only a few kilometers away from Johnston Canyon, but it is almost unknown and doesn't see anywhere near the huge crowds that travel to … Continue Reading ››

U6 Soccer

Melanie moved up a division in soccer this year, which means that she can play at home in Riverbend instead of having to travel to another community. And I don't have to coach! She plays 2 nights a week, which is a little bit hectic for us, but the team is very organized and they actually play positions. She's having lots of fun and gets to plat with (and against) several of her friends from school and the neighborhood. These pics are from here first game of the season. Andrew came along to the field and was showing off his new walking tricks...

Vacation in Jamaica — Heading Home

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise on our final day in Jamaica and I got to enjoy it by walking down the beach with Andrew in the Stroller. Again. It was actually very nice, although short-lived since we had to board the bus for the airport at 10:00 AM. We just had time to pack up, have breakfast, and go for a quick swim before getting on the bus. We were all very sad to go... The trip home was a bit of a circus due to a baggage handler strike at the airport in Montego Bay which delayed our flight home. Sadly that meant … Continue Reading ››

Vacation in Jamaica — Day 7

Our last day of diving was very nice. In fact the early dive was one of the best dives we did all week. After Louise had aborted a previous dive she had spent some time on the boat talking with Damian (one of the divemasters) about his favorite dives... She was even able to convince him to take us to one of his favorite dive sites. It was called the Throne Room, named after a large crack in the reef that opened into a small cavern below. There was plenty of room to enter the cavern through the crack, and then leave through the wall on … Continue Reading ››