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Yellowstone Vacation — Junior Ranger

This post is not as long as the other ones about our trip to Yellowstone, but it is longer than most. Feel free to jump straight to the bottom to see the photos. But don’t forget to come back later to read the story! On our third full day in Yellowstone we again decided to get up early and hit the highway instead of cooking breakfast. We went back to the gas station to buy breakfast and then headed back down the road to Hayden Valley. The scenic landscape in the valley had been so beautiful the day before, and it was so exciting to see the … Continue Reading ››

Vacation in Jamaica — Day 3

By the third day of our vacation we were starting to settle in and get used to the pace of the resort.  Melanie and Andrew spent most of the morning at Kid's camp while we went out on the dive boat for our first taste of the local coral reefs.  Although the dive was rather chaotic (~15 divers in one large group, many of whom were relatively new divers), we were pretty happily surprised by the quality of the reef and the prospects for diving looked good!  So good in fact that I decided to go for a night dive later that day.  I won't get into many details of … Continue Reading ››

Total Hard Drive Failure

Total FailureThis will be a much more informative post than I normally write, where the message is more important than the photo. In fact, I only took the photo as an excuse to play with my DIY Macro Studio and my lighting gear. This is important, so pay attention! I recently suffered through that terrible sinking feeling that you only get when you slowly come to the realization that something has gone horribly wrong. Louise went into the office to use our old desktop computer and found only a black screen. Melanie had been playing a game on it … Continue Reading ››

Drumheller with Uncle Rob and Aunt Cyndi

Uncle Rob (Louise's big brother) and Aunt Cyndi came to visit with their new baby Sophie! We all piled into their rental van (yes 4 adults and 3 carseats) and went to Drumheller to see the badlands and the Royal Tyrell Museum. We had to stop at the World's Largest Dinosaur on the way there, and we drove the Dinosaur trail on the way home. Unfortunately the museum was crazy busy, and it was crazy hot in the badlands, but we had a crazy fun day anyway. The hardest part was actually getting everyone in and out of the van! In a strange coincidence this trip was … Continue Reading ››